Nursing Jobs

Although most people are excited by the idea of becoming a nurse, they may not be enticed by the several years you will be glued in the hospital. However, being a nurse does not mean that you will spend the rest of your life in the hospital. Many people associate the nursing career with medical facilities which is not the case. According to the Bureau Of Labor Statistics reports, less than 60% of the registered nurses work in the hospitals. A career in the field of nursing opens up many fascinating and unique positions up to helpful and intelligent men and women.

Registered nurses jobs

In The Navy

The nursing career provides a chance for jmkb23e5dr2td6y27u272the medical enthusiasts who have always desired to devote their life in the military. The Navy has an opportunity for more than 12,000 health care personnel. Medical professionals working in the Navy usually have access to high technology and training sponsored by the military. This is ideal for the nurse professionals who love traveling as they will be regularly posted in different areas of the globe.

Forensic Crime Fighters

Nurse professionals who are interested in fighting crimes can find jobs on forensic agents for sexual assaults victims and many other special victims. The nurses here are responsible for collecting medical evidence from the victims, test for any sexually transmitted diseases and compile the information so as to come up with concrete evidence to be used in the court of law.

Saving Lives by plane or car

Nurses who love moving fast to save lives can be among the critical transport team. This comprises of a small but savvy teams used to transport critically sick patients with the medical facilities. An ambulance or helicopters usually do this transportation. Such nurses should be quick to act and highly skilled as they are the third in the critical transport team after pilot and paramedics.

In Prison

Prisoners kmn35wetd26dy7u282ie8iusually need some medical attention as any other person does. All the US correctional facilities must have a medical aid and monitoring of the prisoners from the day of booking to the day of their release. Nurses have many responsibilities as they administer physical exams to prisoners during their intake, and monitor them throughout the sentence period.

Editors In Chief

Nurses can also take part in editing journals. Nurses in this profession should have enough field experience in the publishing field. Nursing journals publications are paramount in the medical literature as they make up a sub-niche. The nurse editors of these publications usually decide on which articles are to be published and how the issues will be laid down. They also make sure that the information is updated and correct. This requires some periodic training to the editors.

There are other many fascinating registered nurses jobs provided by a quite large number of exciting industries.